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Pluto Engine

My hobby game engine I've recently started taking more seriously. I plan to use it for future games I write.

The engine is open source under the MIT license.

GitHub repository


An interactive Discord bot that was first made for Vandiland, but I plan to release it publicly soon. Botdiril is open source, however I am doing a complete rewrite soon, so I will probably start a new repository for it.

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tefek.cz - This Website

I managed to rewrite the entire website and took the opportunity to make it more useful and better represent myself. I am planning to slowly move all my fragments of sites here and make it more centralized.

It might take a while, but it will be worth it in the long term, especially since I have roughly seven different subdomains for tefek.cz at this very moment.

News and updates...

Event Horizon

It's pretty much a dead project, but I wish to return to it once I get inspired enough to do something with it.

It's built on PlutoEngine, which sadly needs a rewrite, because it is unusable in its current state.

I host a website for it, however I do not maintain it.

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