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Containers! 2022/06/29

This site now runs as a Docker container! 😎

Site redesign 2022/04/17

I redesigned the site to lovely purple 💜 and updated my bio.

Site migration 2021/07/01

I've migrated this site to a new place with a much better infrastructure and security since I have been growing more and more dissatisfied with my current webhost.

Basically, this site now runs on Nginx instead of Apache and I've switched to PHP8. All this on a tiny Alpine Linux server. 🙂

I'll also start porting subdomains soon.

Bio and projects 2020/10/31

I updated my bio and the projects I am working on.

Website Update 2019/02/09

I addressed some issues and added a Twitter feed.

Twitter feed
Botdiril Rewrite

Currently I am working on a rewrite of Botdiril. I'll try to keep people informed about what I am working on as much as possible.

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Website Relaunch 2019/02/03

I've relaunched this site. I'll hopefully try to maintain it as much as possible.