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About Me

My name is Natty, I am a 23 year old computer engineering student from the Czech Republic. My activities include programming in various languages (usually Java), playing games, chatting on Discord and creating crazy projects.

I have several nicknames, I mostly use Natty, 493msi and Tefek though. Many people ask me about the origin of the nicknames. Natty comes from Natalia, 493 is my favorite number and the rest can be derived from my name and surname.

Pineapple on pizza?
What happened to Stardust Miner, Pluto Engine and Botdiril?
I am still working on them, currently I am actively developing PlutoEngine. I sometimes share my progress on my Discord.
What Discord servers are you active on?
Mostly Vandiril's Discord server (aka Vandiland) and sometimes on my public Discord.
Will you add feature X to Botdiril?
Well, it depends. I am usually aware of what feature I want to add next, but I am welcome to all suggestions!
Me on Social Media

I have two YouTube channels, Tefek and Tefek1 (my personal channel). Sadly, I don't have enough interesting content to post videos more often.

I also have a Twitter account, even though I don't use it much.

Twitter Feed

Ever since I was a kid, I've had passion for coding. I started out by creating simple websites with annoying JavaScript animations, but slowly moved onto more complicated projects. I barely ever finish anything, though. I dream of finishing and releasing a good game one day.

Languages I've tried out so far:
  • Java
    • My favorite language so far
    • I feel quite comfortable coding in it
    • I made most of my projects in Java, including Botdiril
  • Rust
    • A new favorite of mine
    • Still learning it though
  • JavaScript
    • I usually use JavaScript only for websites and avoid NodeJS or similar
  • C
    • I pretty much only use it for school projects
  • C++
    • I use C++ only for small fun projects, usually nothing serious
  • C#
    • I avoid C# as I don't like the language but I've finished some small projects in it
  • PHP
    • I have some basic PHP knowledge, enough to create a basic website, I avoid it otherwise
  • Python
    • I use Python only for small projects and scripts as I tend to get lost in large Python sources

I also sometimes mess around with computer graphics stuff like OpenGL and similar.

Games I Play

I mostly play League of Legends or sandbox games like Minecraft or Terraria these days, even though I sometimes try something new out.

I have a Steam account, Blizzard account (adding only people I know) and I play League of Legends on the EUNE region.